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Head of the department: doc. RNDr. Elena Wisztová, Csc.

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Pedagogical profile

Department of Applied Mathematics is one of the departments providing the first contact with university for all new students. It forms a vital part of theoretical preparation of students for their future professions in various branches of industry.
The Department of Applied Mathematics provides lessons of mathematics and constructive geometry for all study programs of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the bachelor, graduate and postgraduate study.
The department currently employs two associate professors, thirteen assistants and two researchers.

Study Program


The department provides the following subjects in the first three semesters of bachelor studies:

• Mathematics 1
• Mathematics 2
• Numeric and Statistical Methods

The education provided at the level of graduate studies depends on the study program. Students gain:

• knowledge from the sphere of applied mathematics,
• overview of methods used in creation and analysis of mathematical models describing technical processes.
The emphasis is on the ability to actively utilize computer-based techniques.

Constructive Geometry

The subject forms part of the first semester of bachelor studies. The student gains:

• basic knowledge of projection methods such as Monge projection and axonometric projection,
• overview of methods concerning projection of curves and planes used in practice,
• skills concerning design solutions of various problems on curves and planes in practice,
• ability to apply the theoretical knowledge in the industrial practice.

Scientific Profile

Employees of the department cooperate in the following VEGA grant tasks:

• energetic representation of vibrating mechanical systems and power flow paths,
• development of efficient numeric algorithms for solution of problems concerning convection and transport,
• properties of systems of orthogonal functions, and their application in natural and technical science,
• research concerning tribocorrosion properties of metallic pipes in their joints.

The Software Used at the Department