Strojnícka fakulta

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

Head of the department: prof. Dr. Ing. Ivan Kuric


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Pedagogical Profile

The department provides education at the 3 levels of university study in the following programs:

The 1st level (B.Sc.) program: Mechanical Engineering Technologies
The 2nd level (M.Sc.) programs: Automated Production Systems
The 3rd level (Ph.D.) program: Automated Production Systems

Profile of the Graduate

The Automated Production Systems study program focuses on automation and computer-aided methods in the sphere of production technologies, especially on flexible production systems in mechanical engineering, computer-aided methods in pre-production stages, design in automated machine production, on the sphere of digitally controlled production machines, robot technology, application of microelectronics and computation in production technologies, creation of control systems for automated machinery.
The basic knowledge that graduates gain in this study program focuses on the sphere of mechanical engineering production technologies and assembly, technological preparation of production, design of production processes and systems, manipulation, transport and storage of part in the context of rationalization of machine production, economy and management of machine production, automation and computer aid.
Graduates are able to systematically and complexly investigate material, technological and organisation problems from the sphere of production technologies using the approaches and means of automation as well as computer-aided methods in pre-production, production and post-production stages of part realization utilizing mathematical modelling, simulation and optimization. Their abilities are integrated with understanding of economy.
Graduates are prepared to work at the middle production management level, at departments for technical preparation of production, especially from the sphere of computed-aided technological design, from the sphere of design and control of flexible production systems, in research and development of technological processes and systems and implementing automation of machine production.

Scientific Profile

Research and Development Activities:

• Flexible production systems,
• NC and CNC machines,
• programming of CNC machines,
• optimization of mechanical engineering processes,
• industrial robots and robot technologies,
• parallel kinematic structures for production machines and robots,
• computer-aided methods and information technologies in mechanical engineering,
• CAx technologies in industry,
• CAD, CAD/CAM, CAM, CAPP, CAQ systems,
• accuracy diagnostics for CNC production technology,
• expert systems in mechanical engineering,
• control systems,
• microelectronics and microcomputers in mechanical engineering.

Specialized Laboratories:

• Laboratory of CAD/CAM/CAE systems,
• laboratory of CAx systems and automation of technological processes,
• laboratory of production system automation,
• laboratory of robotic systems,
• workplace for development of mechatronical systems,
• laboratory of measurement and diagnostics of NC machine mobility,
• laboratory of microcomputer technology and control systems.

Cooperation with Industry

The department offers cooperation in the following spheres – NC machine and robot programming, creation of post-processors for CNC production technology, computer-aided technological preparation of production, work with CAD/CAM systems, optimization of technological processes, design of flexible production systems, design and control of robot technology workplaces, application of parallel kinematic structures on production machines and robots, measurement and accuracy diagnostics for CNC machines, accuracy calibration of CNC machines, application of microelectronics and microcomputers in mechanical engineering industry.