Strojnícka fakulta

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

Head of the department: Ing. Slavomír Hrček, PhD.


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Pedagogical profile

The department guarantees education at the 3 levels of university study:

The 1st level (B.Sc.) program: Transport Machines and Equipment
The 2nd level (M.Sc.) program: Machines and Equipment Design
The 3rd level (Ph.D.) program: Machine Parts and Mechanisms

Profile of the Graduate

The studies are oriented on the sphere of computer-aided methods in design and engineering of technical systems, the focus being on modern methods of computer modelling, simulation and optimization.
The composition of subjects within the study program is fine-tuned by the students themselves, in consideration of suggestions of the department as well as of the actual industrial needs. Further specialisation takes place while working at the pre-thesis project and at the actual master's degree thesis. The students use four computer rooms equipped with powerful computers and the most up-to-date CAD/CAM and CAE systems such as Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, INVENTOR, ANSYS, ADAMS and similar to develop their projects and carry out their assignments. The laboratories of the department are equipped with unique instruments for the spheres of Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, Reverse Engineering and Virtual Modelling.

Study Abroad

Students may take part of their study at various foreign universities. The opportunities for study abroad at the M.Sc. level include especially universities in Germany, whereas at the postgraduate level universities in Japan, Sweden, Poland, Italy and other countries form the options.

Scientific Profile

The department has been actively involved in investigation of tasks from state research and development projects from the sphere concerning development of sophisticated products for mechanical, electrical and rubber industry for the last three years.
A HIGH-TECH-based integrated system of design and engineering of sophisticated products as well as a system for training creative industrial specialists is being developed as a part of task investigation. The department actively cooperates on investigation of projects VEGA, KEGA and APVV.

Specialised workplaces:

• Rapid Prototyping,
• Rapid Tooling,
• Reverse Engineering,
• Innovation,
• Test room for testing cabs, gears and bearings.

Cooperation with Industry

A wide range of industrial tasks oriented on design, innovation, kinematic and dynamic analysis and optimization of structural parameters of designed products and equipment is being investigated. The cooperation focuses on development and realization of prototypes using the above mentioned technologies lately. The list of most important partners includes EVPÚ Nová Dubnica, Matador Púchov, Matador Automotive Dubnica nad Váhom, INA Kysucké Nové Mesto, MONDI Ružomberok, ZŤS Námestovo, Transmisie Martin, Buck Švajčiarsko, Scheidt&Bachmann Nemecko, Kinex KLF Kysucké Nové mesto, etc.