Strojnícka fakulta

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

Holds award of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for science and technology in the category “Prestigious organisation of research and development”.

Head of the department: prof. Ing. Eva Tillova, PhD.


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Pedagogical Profile

The department provides education at the 3 levels of university study. It guarantees the following programs:
The 1st level, bachelor (B.Sc.) program: Mechanical Engineering Technologies
The 2nd level, graduate (M.Sc.) program: Material Engineering
The 3rd level, philosophiae doctor (Ph.D.) programs: Materials, Limit States of Materials

Profile of the Graduate

Graduates gain the most important technical knowledge of a wide sphere of structural materials (metals and their alloy, ceramic materials, composites, biomaterials, plastic materials and similar), of their properties, applications and ways to improve their use properties. Graduates gain sufficient knowledge to be able to continue their studies at the postgraduate level, especially in programs Materials and Limit States of Materials. They are prepared to work in automotive industry, electrical engineering, transport and aircraft industry, in enterprises producing high-reliability parts, in institutions doing quality control, evaluation of material properties and institutions focusing on production of progressive materials (biomaterials, optical fibres, microelectronic elements, intelligent materials and similar).
Material engineers gain knowledge required for research and development of new materials. They are able to investigate the most complex industrial tasks, capable of independent scientific work, they are prepared to gain and creatively develop their knowledge of the scientific discipline, enhance properties of known materials, improve quality of material production, of parts, tools, utilities and similar.

Study Abroad

The department maintains wide cooperation with foreign universities. It provides educational stays at foreign universities and pedagogical employees and researchers take part in exchange programs (TU Parma, TU Bologna – Italy, TU Kielce, Czestochowa – Poland, HTW Dresden, TU Clausthal – Germany, BME Budapešť – Hungary, UK Praha, ČVUT Praha, TU Pardubice, VUT Brno – Czech Republic).

Scientific Profile

The department does basic as well as applied research oriented on the following spheres:

• evaluation of stress resistance – against mechanical, physical and chemical stress (gigacycle fatigue, internal damping, electrochemical corrosion, degradation of plastic materials and similar);
• improvement of use properties of structural materials for application in automotive industry;
• evaluation of corrosive and fatigue resistance of nanomaterials and materials for biomedical application and analysis of their damage mechanisms with high cycle and gigacycle fatigue;
• development and education in the sphere of waste processing and disposal;
• research of rheological properties of plastic materials in relation to their degradation by mechanical and chemical stress;
• development of modern methods and procedures for structural and substructural evaluation of material use properties.

Laboratories and Specialized Workplaces:

• laboratory of optical metallographic microscopy,
• laboratory of electron microscopy,
• laboratory of mechanical testing,
• laboratory of fatigue testing,
• laboratory of internal damping,
• laboratory of plastic materials,
• laboratory of organic material and inorganic material chemistry,
• laboratory of metal corrosion,
• laboratory of computer technology,
• workplace for preparation of metallographic samples.

International Projects:


Cooperation with Industry

IIU Tokyo, Japan, Škoda Power, a.s. Plzeň; SPP, a.s. Bratislava; VUEZ, a.s. Levice; MAR SK, s.r.o., Sučany; Volkswagen Slovakia; Žilinská teplárenská, a.s., Žilina; Kinex KLF, a.s., Kysucké Nové Mesto; INA Kysuce, a.s., Kysucké Nové Mesto; Kinex, a.s. Bytča; AQUASTYL Považská Bystrica; NEMAK Slovakia, Žiar nad Hronom.