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Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

Head of the department: doc. Ing. Jozef Jandačka, PhD.


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Pedagogical Profile

The department provides education at the 3 levels of university study:

The 1st level (B.Sc.) program: Environment Technology
The 2nd level (M.Sc.) program: Environment Technology
The 3rd level (Ph.D.) program: Energy Machines and Equipment

Profile of the Graduate

The educational profile called Environment Technology focuses on the sphere of environment technologies (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling), on reduction of energy demands in industry, agriculture and transport, on efficient use of thermal energy in civic and industrial sphere, on utilization of alternative energy sources, on transport and distribution of gas and similar. Students are given the opportunity to fine-tune their specialisation by selecting from a list of elective subjects from the following spheres:

Environment Technology – the graduate gains qualification for design, operation, realization of heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems and power equipment, as well as knowledge of engineering parts of such systems.

Gas Distribution and Utilization of Natural Gas – the graduate gains extensive knowledge of techniques and technologies concerning transport of natural gas, design of gas distribution networks, and utilization of natural gas.
The department keeps 2 classrooms, one computer classroom, laboratory of environment technology, laboratory of heat sources and laboratory of renewable energy sources to provide means for the Environment Technology study program.

Study Abroad

Students of the Environment Technology program and postgraduate students of the Energy Machines and Equipment program may take part of their studies at a foreign university such as TU Berlin, TU Genoa, TU Vienna, TU Ostrava, TU Brno, TU Gliwice in Poland, England, …

Scientific Profile

Research projects:

Modelling air flow in ventilation systems of highway tunnels using CFD methods, optimization of thermal and emission parameters of small heat source hearths for biomass combustion, research of thermal efficiency of heating elements, research of alternative fuel utilization in combustion engines, research and development of biomass-powered microgeneration units, research and development of cooling systems using thermal tubes, research of new computational and measuring methods.

International Projects:

• Local heating and production of electricity powered by biomass,
• Transfer of the best technologies from the sphere of energy sources,
• Support of biomass-powered local heating.

Specialised Workplaces:

Laboratory of environment technology with a thermostatic chamber for measuring properties of heating and cooling elements, which is one of two such thermostatic chambers in Slovakia.
Laboratory of heat sources, which provides means for testing heat sources up to 100 kW. Research of small biomass-powered sources, aimed at reduction of emission production is also being carried out in the laboratory.
Measurements and tests of solar panels, heat tubes, heat exchangers and similar are done in laboratory of renewable resources. The laboratory is also equipped with a thermovision camera used for visualization of thermal fields.

Cooperation with Industry

Department of Power Engineering has cooperated with industry for a long time. Several projects concerning systems for recuperation of heat from secondary sources of energy (which results in substantial savings of thermal energy, or electricity) were investigated and realized by the department. The department has developed several projects concerning ventilation systems of road tunnels, cooperated on development of heat sources, heating elements and passive cooling convectors, developed models of fluid convection, which were solved analogically, or by CDF methods, realized measurements of heat sources, convectors and various power devices and systems, investigated the problem of balance differences in gas distribution network, realized several power audits and realization projects concerning the professions of heating, ventilation and gas distribution.