Strojnícka fakulta

Žilinská univerzita v Žiline

Head of the department: doc. Dr. Ing. Juraj Gerlici


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Pedagogical Profile

The department provides – utilizing its professional research and educational orientation – education at the 3 levels of university study in the following programs:

The 1st level (B.Sc.) program: Vehicles and Engines
The 2nd level (M.Sc.) programs: Rail Vehicles, Transport Means Maintenance
The 3rd level (Ph.D.) program: Rail Vehicles

Profile of the Graduate

Graduate of the 1st level of university study (B.Sc.) is able to design and engineer parts of vehicles utilizing computer-based methods used in modern engineering. They are prepared to work in the sphere of design and operation of vehicles, of their diagnostics, maintenance and reparation.
Graduates of the 2nd level of university study (M.Sc.) in the Rail Vehicles study program gain understanding of computational methods, computer simulation and technical solutions based on the analysis of virtual models of rail vehicle design, as well as models of other types of vehicles. Graduates of the Transport Means Maintenance study program gain understanding of methodology concerning analysis and evaluation of reliability in technical and operational systems, of sophisticated ways for creation of complex vehicle (or machine in general) maintenance systems, of design and introduction of maintenance information systems. They have practical skills from project management control of operations and maintenance including complex upkeep of machines and equipment.
Graduates of the 3rd level of university study (Ph.D.) are able to investigate complex tasks concerning engineering, operational and maintenance of rail vehicles using top technologies available in the corresponding scientific disciplines.

Study Abroad

The students of the department have, through projects Socrates/Erasmus, studied at TU Berlin, TU Gottbus, Politecnico di Torino. The opportunity to study at FM Joanneum Graz has come later.

Scientific Profile

Research Projects:


Interdisciplinary investigation of modern means of railway transport using virtual models and experimental methods, research of rail vehicle motion properties focusing on investigation of contact between the wheel and the rail when wheelset rolls over the rail utilizing computer simulation, research of dynamic properties of road wheeled vehicles, new computer-aided concepts of maintenance in mechanical engineering using technical diagnostics.


Research and development of traction equipment components for modernization of selected locomotives for the new traction system of Corridor V.

7. RPEU: TelliBox

Intelligent high-volume swap containers for modern intermodal freight transport.


Interoperability, reliability and safety of freight transport by railway with wheel spacing of 1435 and 1520 (1524) mm. New technology for transport of dangerous products.


Reliable rail wheel wear prediction.

Specialized Workplaces:

• Flywheel test brake bench UIC,
• specialized CA-x technology workplaces,
• PULSE – system of noise and vibration measurement.

Cooperation with Industry

The department maintains wide cooperation with industry – in Slovakia as well as abroad. This involves tasks and projects oriented on conceptual solutions of rail vehicle design, measuring frictional and thermal characteristics of frictional components of rail and road vehicle brakes, structural analyses of vehicle structural units, analysis of geometrical characteristics of rail wheelset and rails, project management and utilization of Microsoft Project 2007 software, introduction of the most up-to-date maintenance information systems.