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Scope and Focus of Scientific Research Activities

Scientific research activities of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Žilina originate from the tradition related to investigation of industrial tasks, especially from the sphere of mechanical engineering. The main lines of scientific research activities guaranteed and developed by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering follow:

• the sphere of machine and equipment design, including vehicles, mobile machines, lifting, handling machines, energy equipment based on the best modern methods of design using CA technology virtual systems and simultaneous engineering in prototype generation; the goal is to achieve high quality and optimum parameters of designed machines;

• the sphere of material research, that is – evaluation of material properties concerning resistance of materials against mechanical, physical and chemical stress (high cycle and gigacycle fatigue, electrochemical corrosion, degradation of plastic materials), improvement of use properties of structural materials designed for applications in automotive industry, studies in prediction of thermally exploitable parts, evaluation of material properties for biomedical applications;

• modern production technologies, theoretical and applied research, development of modern methods and procedures for evaluation of technological properties and use properties of machines and equipment;

• operation and restoration of machinery, vehicles, improvement of systems for operation and restoration of equipment using RCM methods of technical state monitoring, including system safety in relation to ecological quality criteria of machines;

• development of enterprise management, industrial engineering and automation of control for production machines, transport and handling equipment, while respecting the philosophy of integrated enterprise, using computer-based engineering systems, development of applied mathematics as a supportive system of theoretical research in faculty specialisations.

Grant tasks and projects investigate at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Scientific research activities at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering manifest themselves particularly through investigation of grant tasks VEGA, KEGA, APVT, or APVV projects and projects AV. Concerning the sphere of international cooperation the employees actively participate in investigation teams in projects ERAZMUS, TEMPUS, COPERNICUS, CEEPUS, Leonardo and in projects of bilateral scientific research cooperation in projects Slovakia – Czech Republic, Slovakia – Poland, Slovakia – Germany, Slovakia – Austria, Slovakia – Hungary and Slovakia – Italy. Several international projects, in which the faculty participates as a partner, or an applicant are currently being proposed. Great emphasis is also being put on preparation and realization of projects of the 7-th Framework Programme of the European Union.