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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zilina offers a technical education and produces university-educated experts, who are able to solve complicated technical problems with reasoning in all views of social, ethical, economic, ecological, cultural and historical matters. The faculty was founded in 1953 as one of the primary faculties of the University of Rail Transport in Prague, the original name of today’s University of Zilina. The originally named Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering d ivided into two separate faculties and was re-established in 1992 as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME). The faculty consists of 10 departments, which in cooperation with the other parts of the faculty and University guarantees the pedagogic process and scientific and research activities.

Educational Activities

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Žilina provides university level technical education, building atop its research and development activities as well as its wide cooperation with national and international industry. The principal goal of the faculty is to provide means for research and development of scientific knowledge and education focusing mainly on the sphere of mechanical engineering, and on technically-oriented disciplines in general.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering maintains a long tradition of research and pedagogy within the sphere of mechanical engineering, especially in research concerning parameters of structures and machines, of their operation and maintenance, new technologies and materials. The goals of the educational activities include efficient education supported by information and communication technologies for all three levels of university study (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.), continuing education and distance education in all spheres in which the faculty specializes, implementation of new content and forms of education, laying special emphasis on firm basics of natural science, expansion into new spheres, which are eventually becoming more perspective, wider education in foreign languages and becoming more open to foreign students.

Study program – the Structure

The faculty has gradually made the transition to the three-level system of higher education in five programs of the first (B.Sc.) level, ten programs of the second (M.Sc.) level and nine programs of the third (Ph.D.) level. The pedagogical activities of the faculty involve specialized continuing education courses and courses attuned to the particular needs of industry. Computer-aided methods are relatively widely integrated into the process of education. The current study program was designed to provide a wide scope of options, so that the students can fine-tune their own specialization according to their interests. Students are thus also responsible for the amount and quality of knowledge they acquire as well as for the creation of their professional profile.
1st level – Bachelor studies (B.Sc.) – full-time, external
2nd level – Graduate studies (M.Sc.) – full-time, external
3rd level – Postgraduate doctoral studies – full-time, external

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