Department of Applied Mechanics


Students are educated in the basics of solid mechanics, computational mechanics (solids, fluids and other mechanical fields and coupled field problems; theoretical and numerical basics and principles of modelling; optimal design), experimental methods in mechanics and reliability of mechanical systems. The department solves industry problems from the fields of linear and non-linear static and dynamics of structures, fluid dynamics, solid-fluid interaction, optimal design and strength of materials. Static and quasistatic characteristics of materials are experimentally investigated. Department of Automation and Production Systems The research and educational topics of the department are oriented to all aspects of flexible manufacturing systems. The research activities are especially aimed at the development of robot control system based on artificial intelligence; control system and simulation of robots; optimisation of machining processes; accuracy diagnostics of CNC machine tools, development of CAx methods for production engineering. The study programme Automated Production Systems (master and doctoral level) are oriented towards computer aided systems and technologies; flexible manufacturing systems, CNC machine tools and robots; microelectronics; diagnostics; CAx systems (CAD/CAM, CAE, CAM, CAPP).

Vedúca katedry

doc. Ing. Alžbeta Sapietová, PhD.

tel.: +421 41 513 2957, 2950



Zástupca vedúcej katedry pre vedecko výskumnú činnosť

Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Milan Žmindák, CSc.

tel.: +421 41 513 2963


Zástupca vedúcej katedry pre pedagogickú činnosť

Doc. Ing. Milan Vaško, PhD.

tel.: +421 41 513 2981


Sekretariát katedry

Jarmila Vavrová

tel.: +421 41 513 2951, 2952


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